How do Exceptional Leaders of Innovation Inspire Creativity?

How to inspire innovation is not something that you can learn in college. It is not a skill that you can master in four weeks or even years of practice in management. As a business owner, probably working hard on a product or service that is designed to be innovative and to provide solutions to important problems, you are undoubtedly more interested in how to boost your leadership abilities to the maximum. In order to do so, you should try to re-define innovation and leadership in the world of technology and try to inspire creativity not only in yourself, but also in your whole team.

How do we define good leadership? There are many ways that we can express the way we feel a great leader should act and… well, lead. But are these “good practices” always working in a positive way when it comes to leading innovation? In her TED Talk, Harvard Professor Linda Hill, who is co-author of “Collective Genius”, talks about the key to unlocking the potential of ideas in our daily work and how we can inspire creativity in every single person of our team.

“Innovation is not about solo genius, it is about collective genius.” Linda Hill

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