The Money Mindset: Is the future of branded currency here?

Focusing on money is not the best thing an entrepreneur can do – because money will follow if you have great product, treat your customers in the right way, bring value, make difference and solve problems – but it is important. Understanding how money works and knowing how to improve your financial culture is something that all entrepreneurs should do. Because money matters!

Entrepreneurship is about innovative ideas and creating new trends. We are witnessing tremendous growth in the trust of technology, which is awesome in so many ways. But as we all know, technology changes very fast, which is why it becomes very important that you follow what is changing not only in the startup scene, but in business in general. Thinking about money is important, especially when we think about it as it is – an expression of value. Thinking about the future is even more important, which is why we all should remember that: The future of branded currency is here!

In his TED Talk, advertising expert Paul Kemp-Robertson talks about bitcoins, their importance and how this crypto-currency will change the way we think about money!  Watch this very interesting talk that will help you, as an entrepreneur, to look at the opportunities to improve your brand presence through innovative approaches and why not even brand currency!

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