25 Rules Every Entrepreneur Should Live By

Entrepreneurs live in a completely different world compared to the rest of the people who work 9 to 5 jobs in a boring office under an even more boring manager. This most definitely does not mean that all entrepreneurs are just enjoying themselves by hanging out around their super cozy offices, furnished with all the coolest pieces someone can imagine and filled with the latest gadgets available on the market. The reality looks and sounds much different than some of the Hollywood movies tend to present it.

Being an entrepreneur is challenging and exhausting. It is not like an endless vacation in Bali or never-stopping trips around the world. Entrepreneurship is hard and filled with setbacks and failures. How can one succeed in this world of constant turns between good, bad, and sometimes even ugly? Here you can find the 25 rules that can help you become the better entrepreneur you want to be.

  1. Believe in your business, even when the times are hard. Especially when the times are hard!
  2. Stick to your main business values. But be flexible and open when it comes to new ideas.
  3. Don’t ignore your competition! Stop obsessing about them, but always keep an eye on their businesses.
  4. Never underestimate the importance of business networking.
  5. Your team is one of your most important assets. Build it carefully!
  6. It is OK to fail. It is not OK if you never learn from your mistakes.
  7. Say “I’m sorry” when you realize that you have made mistake.
  8. Learn to say Yes! when you mean it!
  9. Learn to say No! when you mean it!
  10. Value your own time, but also the time of the others.
  11. Have a killer elevator pitch!
  12. Master your public speaking skills.
  13. Never stop learning!
  14. Read at least a book a month. A book a week is even better!
  15. Listen more, speak less! If you do so, you are more likely to learn more things and to even get inspired.
  16. Take care of your body!
  17. Take care of your emotional peace.
  18. Find some time for family and friends. It might be rare, but try to have some. Even if you have to schedule it!
  19. Look for opportunities where everybody else sees obstacles.
  20. Learn to prioritize!
  21. Learn to delegate!
  22. Never procrastinate. (I know, I know, this could be very hard!)
  23. Take risks! Well, calculated risks are better than everything else.
  24. Find a great mentor to inspire you and encourage you!
  25. Enjoy every single day of your entrepreneurial journey, because this is the life you have chosen to live! Make it awesome!

─ January 28, 2016