Five Trends That Will Define Entrepreneurship

Here we go! Trend 1: Entrepreneuring becomes mainstream and it will not be just for the happy few.More people will want to run their own life towards old age • The economy needs flexibility yet we are not ready for it/ Trend 2: Creative funding • Traditional models of funding will still exist but we will also enter into crowd sourcing.Angels may be split into it three components and funding will become more creative .However the roles of financing,coaching and networking will remain. Trend 3:Universities are power houses for start-ups and they will lead the way. They will increasingly cover non-high tech start-ups and give other courses than academic education. Trend 4: Artificial Intelligence • The world’s know how will be locked up in global systems such as IBM’s Watson.For any entrepreneur, it will be essential to have access to these hubs and know how to operate them .AI will the biggest game changer of the next ten years Trend 5: Women entrepreneurs • Perhaps this will be the biggest trend because it involves much more than creating new enterprises .Women entrepreneurs need different modes of coaching, different approaches to financing and different social attitudes. Here’s the full video on that talk at Startup Istanbul.  ]]>

─ January 25, 2016