Hiring Your First Employees

This piece is derived from Michael Seibel’s talk at Startup Istanbul in 2014

Be fair and transparent when hiring. When you give someone an offer, tell them how much stock they are getting. They should get stock. Tell them how much stock is outstanding. Tell them whether their salary is typical for what you give,if not be honest. A lot of the times your first employees are the most viable and if you show them loyalty, they’ll show you loyalty back. The last thing is hire slow. My second company, SocialCam, had three founders when we sold. We had three founders no employees. We didn’t necessarily want it to be that way but we were able to grow a product to over 220 million downloads with three people. So don’t tell me that you can’t do a lot with just a founding team, you can do a whole lot of things. Instagram sold for a billion and they were under 20. So hire slow, you can do it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9_fQwFbBUQ  ]]>

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