How Having a Mentor Can Help You Design Better Your Entrepreneurial Path

Mentors are the people who have the ability to transform your life, the people who will guide you through the rocky path of entrepreneurship and will encourage and motivate you to achieve things that you have never thought you could achieve. Having a great mentor is important step towards success, yet it is not that simple to discover the right person to play this extraordinary part in your life.

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“If you cannot see where you are going, ask someone who has been there before.” J Loren Norris

In his TED Talk at TEDxUBIWiltz, the entrepreneur and investor Tai Lopez shares his personal entrepreneurial journey and talks about the power of travelling, reading and having a mentor. He gives some specifics that all entrepreneurs can do with their mentors and introduces to us “The Law of 33%” and “The 10x Rule”. Learn more from the video below.

Do you have a mentor? What do you think about having a mentor?


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