How to get your startup featured on TechCrunch

This piece is derived from Mike Butcher’s talk at Startup Turkey 2015.

Time and time again I get pitches from PR people saying you really should cover this incredible new technology for detecting submarines under the polarized cap. Right, well we don’t write about that on Techcrunch. So just being a startup does not make you news. Just existing  does not make you news. Just being a startup is not news. Just being a startup doesn’t put you on Techcrunch. There is a lot of startups out there.The internet is pretty much everywhere now, just about possibly in some parts Mongolia.There are  startups everywhere so you are now competing with the rest planet. So just existing isn’t enough. Perhaps if you are existing in 1995  as a startup then that’s pretty rare and you could be just in Silicon Valley but that’s not the case anymore. Question is you want to be relevant. Now how would you be relevant ? Get into the news agenda. Something happens in the news that makes you go, that thing that just happened in the news is about us. We’ve got product that answers that question right now. Now that is your moment. That is when you join the news agenda.]]>

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