Learn about Venture Capital, Financial Accounting, Entrepreneurship Opportunities and more on edX

As an ambitious entrepreneur, you are surely aware of the need to learn and improve your business skills. Be ready for the challenges, which you will encounter along your entrepreneurship path, and prepare for every aspect of your business venture by learning more about venture capital, financial and management accounting, and other entrepreneurial opportunities. On edX, the ultimate online learning platform, you can find impressive number of very interesting courses, which can give you valuable knowledge on entrepreneurship and general guidance on running a startup.

Introduction to Venture Capital: How to get money for your startup

Learn about venture capitalists and what they can do for your business, how to choose the right venture capitalists for your startup, how to pitch your ideas to them, what a Term Sheet is and many other valuable things, which can be useful when you start raising money for your startup.

Introduction to Financial and Management Accounting

Having some knowledge on accounting and finance in general is very important for entrepreneurs, who are building a business from scratch. Save yourself many troubles and learn about the fundamentals of financial accounting from this course.

Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Being able to evaluate better your startup ideas and to explore different opportunities are very useful traits of successful entrepreneurs. Improve your ability to understand better the opportunities that come your way as an entrepreneur and never miss a chance again.

Becoming an Entrepreneur

This course is part of MIT’s Entrepreneurship Program and gives valuable lessons on entrepreneurship. It can be very useful, especially for first-time entrepreneurs.

Startup Success: How to Launch a Technology Company in 6 Steps

By summarizing their startup knowledge in 6 easy steps, serial entrepreneurs Michael Stonebraker and Andy Palmer teach us how to start in the tech industry more prepared.


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