Manage the Work Flow Easier: Five Useful Tools Your Startup Needs in 2016

Writing your New Year’s resolutions should be over, so now is the time to come to the hardest part – the execution of all the great things that you’ve put on paper. I hope that you have made some brave promises to yourselves and have set high goals that will challenge you in 2016. As high as you set the bar, as high you are to jump. So, if you need some help along the way, here you can find useful tools that you can make your startup work easier in 2016.


Square is not only very simple to use and powerful POS system, but is also free. It helps you to track your sales in real time, to manage easily your inventory, to get valuable feedback from your customers and many other super useful insights that are important for the growth of your startup, especially if you are in the retail business.

When I Work

As a startup owner you are probably working with freelancers and out-of-office employees, which can be great if the communication between the team members is smooth. When I Work is awesome tool that will help you to effortlessly plan and organize your next meeting with your hourly employees.


Your online customers need a reason to stay longer on your website. If you want them to be satisfied with their experience, you should be sure that they have received the best personal support. Here comes Groove in the picture – the helpdesk software that will help you and your team to deliver awesome customer support to your website visitors.


Save yourself time and trouble and organize and secure your passwords by using Dashlane.


Improve the business relationships with your customers by using one of the most popular and useful CRM tools. Install Streak for Gmail and run your entire business from your inbox.



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