Marketing is Now a Science

Here are Five Key Strategies you can use to conquer marketing today based on Ross Kingsland’s, CEO @ talk at Startup Istanbul Conference 2015.    Finding Your Tipping Point If you have a question like how can I grow my company quickly? I’ve got like 20 customers how can I make that a thousand? First thing to do is look at finding exactly who are a thousand people you can market to straight away because you can’t really project any kind of growth on a very small number. Advertising is not the only solution Unfortunately advertising isn’t necessarily enough. There can be some things that go wrong. For example, when Yahoo and Hotmail first started they were actually originally looking at doing billboard ads and radio advertising  but it turned out to be a terrible idea. Strategic Relationships One of the things that you can actually do is  start to look at who already has your market rather than trying to force your product or your website into a marketplace. e.g. AirBnB used craigslist and tapped into their users.  If you don’t have access to your market find out who does. Create a moment of magic With everything that you do whether it’s your advertising, whether it’s your marketing, whether with the product itself a lot of people kind of forget this. They are wrapped up with the dreams of the technology, of what they are actually achieving that they sometimes forget that we need to create these little moments of magic. Viral referrals It’s always hard to make something go viral but you can make them easy and fun to share.  ]]>

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