The Entrepreneurial Personality: Five Traits of Remarkably Likable People

Have you ever heard of Psychology of Popularity? It is one very interesting part of modern psychology, giving us many insightful thoughts on the way our “popularity” affects every other aspect of our lives: friendships, relationships, career choices, even success. Understanding the importance of being social is essential for people who work in dynamic environment, surrounded by many other people.

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It is impossible to be liked by everyone, but it is always good to know that people enjoy your company. Not to mention how important it is when you are building a brand and a business. There are some common traits, which remarkably likable people have in common, which can give you an insight of what you can do in order to become more appealing to the people around you.

They bring value

Being able to bring value to the people around you is something that can’t be ignored. Remarkably likable people set high goals and work hard towards achieving these goals. They believe in results, which are making a difference for the others and themselves.

They are open-minded

To be open-minded means that even if you believe strongly in your understanding and vision, you are still open to new ideas and willing to listen and accept the point of view of others, independently if they are completely opposite from yours. Open-minded people never forget how much they can gain from different opinions and are able to adapt to different understandings.

They don’t try to please everyone

It is impossible to be liked by everyone! What matters is to be liked by the people that really matter to your business – your customers and right target audience. If you try to please everyone you will surely lose the respect of the people who actually like you. Be natural, be yourself.

They are confident

One of the most significant traits of extremely likable people is the fact that they accept their weaknesses and know their strengths. This awareness of their abilities allows them to be more confident, to accept criticism easily and to make more realistic and wiser decisions.

They are good listeners

Everyone appreciated a good listener. If you listen actively and respond accurately, you will make the best first impression possible. It is very rare skill and this is why it is highly appreciated.


─ January 15, 2016