Eamonn Carey: Advice and Insights for Entrepreneurs

Send emails out to people, ask them ‘oh hey did you know we just found this amazing deal?’ Create a list of people that you’ve met, add them to that list asking for favors and demonstrate that all the time your business is growing, that it’s exciting and that an investor or a business partner or potential kind of big corporate partner should want to be part of that. I think the other one is explain your business simply. Companies that we’ve met today have been pretty good at it but there are still some companies who explained their business in a way that management consultants or business people could understand. You need to be able to explain your business in a way grandparents or parents who know nothing about b2b technology or virtual reality can understand. So just get that pitch really simple and help me to understand what you’re doing.    ]]>

─ February 17, 2016