How to make people listen when you speak

Comunication is a key component in business transactions especially for startups. There are a some few communication ways which can push others away from you. Ways to push people away from you include negativity, complaining, excuses, lying and dogmatism.

But like there are ways that push people away, there are also ways to draw people and their attention towards you. In this video Julian Treasure talks about these ways:

One method is HAIL. There are 4 cornerstones we can stand on if we want to have this powerful kind of speech which draws people and their attention towards you, 4 letters which form the word HAIL.

Honesty – Be clear and straight

Authenticity – Be yourself

Integrity – Be your word

Love – Wish them well

Then there is your ‘Toolbox’, your voice. This toolbox has been opened by very few people, and Julian opens the toolbox and tells us what is in that toolbox.

Watch the video below as Julian Treasure shows 6 ways to warm up your voice. Writer: Cemre Ercil]]>

─ February 3, 2016