Istanbul Attracts Entrepreneurs From The Region

What do you think about Istanbul’s entrepreneurial ecosystem? The Turkish entrepreneurial system seems to be well and thriving as I have been to more than 48 countries in the last four years I’ve been seeing a lot. It’s very impressive, it’s very vibrant. It’s interesting because it’s attracting entrepreneurs from the Middle East and attracting entrepreneurs from Europe, from the Balkans, in different parts of Europe as well and Western Europe. So it’s a good homogenous region. It’s one of the advantage that I believe Silicon Valley has is attracts people from different part of the world that take risk and experiment and build companies I think this is a good thing for Istanbul the ability to attract also entrepreneurs from the front part of the world where they take bigger risk because here if they fail it’s ok! They do not embarrass their parents and their neighbors.    ]]>

─ February 14, 2016