Startup Funding: Let’s Talk about Fundraising!

Launching a company and growing a business is not an easy job. Many entrepreneurs fail to achieve their goals because they believe that being an entrepreneur is very simple – you are your own boss, you have flexible work hours and the ability to hire and manage your own team, meaning that you can work with whoever you decide you want to work with. Well, the reality is much more complicated than that. Especially when we start talking about money, things get very serious.

Raising money for your startup, as many of you already know, is very important part of building a company. Some entrepreneurs rely on bank loans, others rely on their friends and families, and many seek funding from angel investors and VCs. All of these options have their weaknesses and strong sides, which is why today we will talk about the future of funding innovations!

In his TEDxConnecticutCollege Talk, serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist Skyler Fernandes talks about the importance of innovating the funding of innovation and gives valuable information on fundraising for entrepreneurs. Watch the talk below and feel free to leave your comment in the comment section.


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