Steli Efti's Core Advice to Turkish Startups was a speaker at Startup Istanbul Conference. In an interview with him we asked more about his company and his core advice to Turkish startups. Here’s how it went down. Can you tell us about your company? Yes, so my company is called What we do is we offer startups a sales tool that allows their salespeople to make more and better calls, send more better emails, as a result close more deals and generate more revenue so we have to be to be start-ups that are custom revolves around the world thousands and thousands of them were growing really fast and we’re serving a customer we deeply care about which is startups. What is your core advice to startups? I think that if I could go back to what I said about the ecosystem I think what I would advise every startup that is today in Istanbul is to not try to look at what other companies do and copy their strengths because that usually leads to you playing a game to only play it. I would advise you to ask themselves what is something we are good at? Better than others even if that seems counter intuitive at  all even if it seems oh that’s so small, it doesn’t matter start with something small. Something you’re good at gain traction and you never know where you the road is gonna lead. A lot of small obscure startups turn into massive world-changing companies.Don’t worry so much about being big. Don’t worry so much about being like the big the company somewhere around the world but really look in front of you and ask what is it that we could do today that’s awesome? aAnd what is a game we can play to win? Something we can do better than others and really be authentic to that strength.]]>

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