There Will Be 'Unicorns' From Turkey

What do you think about the Turkish entrepreneurial ecosystem? I think there’s enough talent in founders and entrepreneurs and also engineers. Turkey has a large market, a large enough market opportunity having a 77 million population and also it can play as a gateway to the region. It has two business opportunities, one for local one for regional. I think the local entrepreneurs here are tackling really nicely the local you know the business opportunities are solving the local problems so once it really gets expanded to the regional I think this will be phenomenal. So that is how I see Turkish startup ecosystem or the founders. Some are real in the worldclass. Some have worked in Germany or the U.S. they are now coming back to their mother country, Turkey to do their businesses on their own and I think that is a good sign. When we look for the next 5-10 years there will be more ‘unicorns?’ companies coming up from this country, which is what I believe and why I want to invest in this country.        ]]>

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