What is Tech Stars? Eamonn Carey Explains

Startup Turkey 2016. In a previous interview with him at Startup Istanbul he explained to us what Tech Stars does. TechStars is one of the world’s biggest startup accelerators. We take businesses, we invest about $100,000 into businesses and we put them through a three-month program of acceleration. We expose them to mentors, we help them with marketing, with business development, with sales, we help them to meet the right people to grow their business and we help them to meet the right investors to hopefully help them scale their business. We work across Europe, we’ve got programs in London, Berlin and we’re looking at other places. Then we have a range of programs both our own and with corporate partners like Disney and target on others across the US. We love startups, we love investing in startups and we love seeing them grow.   ]]>

─ February 15, 2016