Nevzat Aydin comments on the “Startup Bubble” – Learn and Prevail

In a special interview for Etohum, Nevzat Aydin, the founder of Yemeksepeti, the online food ordering company, which was sold to Delivery Hero, commented on the “Startup Bubble” comments, which have been circulating around the different entrepreneurial ecosystems (India is great example for it) during the past couple of years.

He noted that  it is important that not only investors, but entrepreneurs as well, learn from the examples from the past years – for instance, from the ‘99/’00 bubble – in order to become more aware of the similar situations in the future and be able to prevail.

Entrepreneurs should be aware of the consequences, which the burst of a startup bubble can cause, and should be able to react according to the situation when this happens. See Nevzat Aydin’s comment on the subject in the video below.


─ March 28, 2016