Selçuk Atli's Core Advice to startups

Entrepreneur in residence at 500 startups, mentor and investor Selçuk Atlı who grew up in Turkey believes in the growth of the Turkish ecosystem. In a special interview he gave 2 pieces of advice to the turkish entrepreneurs.

1- Launch early, launch fast

In this region entrepreneurs are scared to go to market, you shouldn’t spend years in R&D before going to market.

Customers are going to be the ones who define your product so get feedback from them as soon as possible

2- Get yourself a global company

There are great turkish entrepreneurs building products that could be unique and global. You don’t need to prove yourself in Turkey or in the MENA region.

The best way to build a global company is to book a flight ticket [to go to San Francisco] and meet the people that can help you out and build your company!

Just as simple as that.]]>

─ March 18, 2016

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