eamonn carey

Startup Turkey 2016: Eamonn Carey on How to Build Products that People Love

Eamonn Carey, who is Entrepreneur in Residence in Techstars, was one of the speakers at Startup Turkey 2016 Conference. During his insightful and informative stage talk, he shared with the audience many tips on how to be successful in creating your startup’s product.

The main focus of his talk was dedicated to giving valuable information about one very important topic – creating a great product. In his presentation, Eamonn Carey gave advice on how to build products that people love by highlighting some really important aspects. He talked about the importance of increasing your likeability, which can be very important for entrepreneurs, who are pitching often their businesses to investors. To find out how you can build awesome products, watch the video below and feel free to leave your comment in the comment section.


─ March 14, 2016