The need to be relevant; an approach for countries to accelerate growth

Yousef M. Hamidaddin from Oasis 500 now manages around 40M$ of investment for the seed fund. At Startup Turkey 2016, his topic was: How do we collectively accelerate? He answered that it needs to happen now and that we the need to focus on the people and on the region. His solutions included the need to be inclusive, creating open lab partnerships for exponential growth and solving local and regional problems. Here are 10 great quotes from his talk and the full video.

“Acceleration resonates, starts and ends with people.”

“People make a difference. It’s people who can deliver the change we are looking for”

“We need to give individuals the opportunity to become heroes within their own communities and societies”

“We need to move away from current status quo”

“75% of the population is younger than 35 and 50% younger than 15.”

You have to think in an unconventional way, unorthodoxe, revolutionary and totally disruptive.”

“Every 5 years you can have a total paradigm shift” (15 -> 20 new consumer behavior)

“If you look at the negativity that surround us, how we see it there is an opportunity of creating a lot of innovation”

“Rebuilding tomorrow cannot be like yesterday”

“Acceleration needs to happen with the MENA mind”

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