What To Do After Graduation?

Professor Dr Erhan Erkut is convinced that entrepreneurship can be taught and learnt. He believes it’s in our genes to be entrepreneurs and that there are very few individuals who are not cut for entrepreneurship. You might be part of the quarter of the population that cannot be successful entrepreneurs if you:

  • Have very low risk tolerance
  • Low perseverance
  • Dislike teamwork
  • Just want to be a cog
  • Don’t have work Ethic
  • Want to get rich quick

If you don’t fall into those categories, and want to go on the entrepreneurial journey, here are the do’s and don’ts of the professor:

  • Don’t expect much from your university
  • Do at least one internship and a summer job
  • Read at least five entrepreneurial books
  • Get to know the players in the ecosystem as quickly as you can
  • Spend an entire day in an incubator or an accelerator. Not just sitting around but asking people questions, shadowing them.
  • Follow 5 startups
  • Offer free help to a startup.
  • Work for a company for 5 years. Generate ideas, understand the business, make mistakes on someone else’s money and try to be an intrapreneur.

You can watch the full talk here.


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