Getting Media Coverage for Startups

Most of you might be aware of the importance of Public Relations i.e. the way you launch your company, how you tend to gain attention for it, and what more can you do other than advertising.

Getting fair amount of attention from the press seems like a tough task, but moving in the right direction, at the right time, would make it easier for you.

Let’s take a look at what you need to do to create a buzz and get media coverage for your startup.

Tell a Tale

 A tale is always a good way to gain the attention of the audience, may it be in a presentation or your blog. Boring things won’t do the job. Tell your viewers on your blog interesting stories about how you started and what got you here. Whether in a meeting, or in a conference, tell a tale and get the journalists writing about you.

First Impression is the Last Impression

In the age of today, things spread fast, way faster than wild fire, because social media does the job. Make sure that wherever you are going, you are prepared, because once something negative goes viral about you or your company, it might harm the image of your business a lot.

Use Traditional Media

WordPress blogs are never a bad idea. Make sure you have a perfect team for publications who know what to write when and publish it for people to know. Use blogs that are Ipad friendly and make sure to spread those blog posts as much as possible.

Give a Glimpse of the Future

Talk a little about the future and the future prospects, but just don’t overdo it. Give a glimpse since the future is yet to come.

Don’t go for Lengthy Pitches

Always, always keep your pitches short and to the point. Try making them memorable and retainable.

Attach Links Where Required

When you send emails, keep them brief and attach details where necessary.

Share contact information where required

Don’t forget to share contact information, it is necessary to let people contact you. Be around to answer queries.

Follow the Trends

Follow the new trends when you feel that they match your offerings. May it be the World Cup or any trend, keep a check and advertise accordingly.

Develop Personal Connections

Bloggers get paid to attend conferences that most probably would be attended by you. Try developing connections before you attend such conferences.

Do not Pester Journalists

If journalists don’t want to cover you, don’t insist.

Avoid Copy/Paste

Avoid copy/paste while sending emails to people in your database. Most of them won’t get any response, but it is important if you update them with the passage of time.

Use Your Contacts

Your circle of friends and family might know people belonging to the press. Use such connections to have an easy access to the journalists.

Once you have gotten the attention of the press, it is important to maintain it. So, do keep in mind to follow up your current position time after time.


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