How Entrepreneurship Is Becoming a Lingua Franca

Recent decades have witnessed democratization and universality in access to technology procured by billions around the world. Access to knowledge, networks and communities – all of these and more have been acquired by the spurring growth in technology adoption. Yet according to Christopher Schroeder, author of ‘Startup Rising’ and a speaker at Startup Turkey, there is another revolution going on – it is participation revolution. Unmistakably, technology has played a role in people getting heard. When granted access to technology, people want their voice in society get heard, they want to discuss pertinent and sensitive issues. This desire to have a dialogue with everyone is ubiquitous and cannot be tamed or instrumentalized by any government.

While everyone still talks of startup ecosystems in terms of nations, Christopher offers you to look beyond that and asserts that a more accurate unit would be cities, rather than countries. Borders get blurred in the age of technology, while the multiplier ramification of the upside could be spectacular: wherever there are problems and basic access to technology, we will see entrepreneurs emerging.

While a lot of this change was driven bottom-up, but it could go only as far; without rule of law, poor investment in education and without decent infrastructure change will be forced to wait, quite unnecessarily. Therefore top-bottom change has also to appear: improving quality of work and improving freedom of movement of ideas, people, goods and capital. Putting friction to achieving these goals will inhibit a great opportunity, so you’d better find yourself on the right side of history.


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