Ideas and Execution Strategies: Pitch Your Way to Success!

It is very difficult to find a great idea. But a business cannot be built just on an idea without a great strategy on how this idea can be executed. In order to convince people that your idea is great and has potential, you should be able to pitch it like a pro! A great pitch can give you the better output. But the question is how to successfully pitch an idea? In this article we will discuss some points so that you can be able to pitch an idea in a better way.

Refine your Idea

This is the main point to pitch an idea. Many people have great ideas, but don’t spend time end efforts in refining these ideas. Many entrepreneurs even do not see the bigger picture of their ideas. When others ask questions, they are unable to give satisfying answers. So before you pitch an idea, first you should work on it. You should figure out not only the strong parts of your idea, but also you should be aware of the weak elements as well.

Scope of the Idea

Identify the scope of your idea, research on it and figure out the best way to pitch the type of idea that you have to other people.

Be convincing!

Make a list of people that can convince from to like your idea and have the ambition to work on it. Then find the most powerful person from this list. Keep an eye on this person and try to find the most suitable way to convince them to at least hear your idea. Be confident, do your homework and go for it – pitching matters!

Put yourself aside

Imagine that you are not the person who is pitching the idea. Instead you are the other person. Then find out what type of questions are rising in your mind. Give the answers of those questions. When you are feeling satisfied with the answers yourself, then it is the time for you to pitch your idea to other people.

How to Structure your Pitch?

Try to structure your pitch in 3 levels. The time of first level is 5 seconds, which is also known as elevator pitch, the 2nd level is 30 seconds and the third level is 5 minutes. In the first level you need to try until you get a unique and interesting sentence, which can attract the people. The next two levels will start when the people ask you question about your ideas.


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