Pitch Like The Finalists at Startup Turkey 2016: Tamatem

Attending networking event of such a scale as the annual Startup Turkey Conference brings tremendous opportunities to all entrepreneurs, who are ambitious and confident enough in their businesses. In this series, you are able to watch the final pitches of the 15 finalist of Startup Turkey 2016 Challenge. Find out what makes a great pitch, what type of questions the investors ask and get to know the startups that made it to the finals.

Meet the startup that took the third place at Startup Turkey 2016 Challenge – Tamatem: Tamatem is the leading mobile games publisher in the Arabic market. Tamatem takes successful games from around the world, localize and push them to the market. Tamatem launched 40 games on iOS and Android with over 18M downloads to date and grew 155% in revenue in 2015 Vs. 2014. The company is profitable and at a $1M run rate.

Founder: Hussam Hammo

Watch his final pitch in the video below and feel free to leave your comment in the comment section.


─ April 4, 2016

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