Sunday International Column: Startups around the world #74

Startups around the world is Sunday column series created with the ambition to unite the entrepreneurial community around the world by introducing to the audience different startups on weekly basis. The purpose of this column is to improve our knowledge of what is being created by entrepreneurs around the world, to expand our network, to get informed and hopefully inspired.


Staynote is an award winning interactive guest platform for hotels. Hotel guests can use this system before, during or after their stay to access all the hotel information and services.



Faros is mobile application focused on organizing locations and places, helping you to easily access everything in one place.



Sheaply is a peer to peer platform where you can find trusted travelers that can buy for you something abroad (online and offline) and get you delivered in your country.


Expect more startup presentations next Sunday. If you wish to see specific company that you are fascinated by on our list or simply you want to introduce your own startup to the world, do not hesitate to post your suggestion in the comment section.]]>

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