What to Include in Your Pitch Presentation Template?

It’s easy to be overwhelmed when preparing a pitch for investors. There’s so much that can be included, so what’s most important?

  1. Introduce yourself and your business.

The easy bit.

  1. What is your business?

Now is the time to explain the benefit of your business on the world. What problem are you alleviating? What pleasure are you creating?

  1. What is the value of your product/service?

Here is the time to tell your investors what your product or service is worth to those who use it/will use it. The previous segment should evidence your valuation.

  1. How do you do it?

What is it that makes your business’ service/product work so well? The more diagrams, flowcharts, etc you can use here, the better.

  1. What is your marketing strategy?

Marketing is one of the most important factors when running a business. You should know exactly how you are going to entice your customers, without breaking the bank.

  1. Who are your competitors?

Every entrepreneur and business owner should know what they are facing on the market. Explain how your business measures up to those that are already out there and functioning.

  1. Financial projections.

You should provide an accurate forecast of a number of things, including expected net profits, gross profits, customer numbers, expected sales, etc.

  1. Current status.

Where in your plan of development is your business? Is your product/service complete and ready? What have you achieved so far?


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