Finding Investors Is Not That Hard

According to researches, especially since 25 years, only 5 percent of the entrepreneurs could find investors. What may be the problems? Finding ways to understand what the issues are can really help creative ideas to be successful. We spotted 3 important reasons about this issue:

  • The method that investors use to find and qualify a potentially successful entrepreneur is not a good system really. It gives most of the the responsibility to the entrepreneur. A scoring system however would work better, it may help determine if you are really ready to offer your Project to professional investors. And you may find the right resources on the way.

  • Are you really ready? Your timing for you out when to apply for an investment can not always be the right time with the right investors for you. And when you focus only for your needs, it can be understood as you have a bad management of your own capital, or you don’t want to spend your own capital for risks, or that you couldn’t find capital anywhere so this investment is your last chance. But if you prepare well, you can be understood perfectly as you’re ready for a partner for the next level of your Project, or your Project already has some growth and you’re ready for some investment for growth, or you already searched for lots of investors but chose them because you think you are the perfect match.


  • Risks, risks, risks. It’s true that there are some “bad guys” out there who takes advantage of entrepreneurs vulnerabilities. But building business wants real sacrifices. An investor surely wants to see the entrepreneur to be in the game himself and to believe in their idea enough to invest their own valuable capital, so that the investor can give Money too. And an entrepreneur surely must check the investors preferences. Be open to new ideas and know that risks are always there to frighten you. Don’t get frightened. Be in the game.
─ May 20, 2016