Uber launches its own debit card in Mexico!

It is not that easy to make online business in Mexico, just mostly because of the country’s banking system. So, Uber launches its own debit called ‘UberCard’!

Yes, it is going to be called ‘UberCard’ and all the entrepreneurs are await to see if it survives in the system. Because, it is obvious that if Uber succeed in this project, many startups or investors will be turning their face to the Mexico for new opportunities.

Ride Uber or Go Shopping!
UberCard is being issued by BANKAOOL, which is Mexico’s first online bank and it will be coming with MasterCard’s system. So, as the UberCard is coming with MasterCard’s logo, the card will let you ride uber or go shopping to spend from your UberCard account.

How to get one?
To request the card, customers should first have to top up MXN$200 ($10 USD). Later on, in 5-10 business days, it will arrive to the address.

Wherever you go, Uber gives you ‘first ride free’ if you have an invitation from one of your friends. It is available in Mexico as well. For first time users, Uber gives free rides up to a value of MXN$100 ($5 USD).

As it is quite obvious, many entrepreneurs and even investors are looking forward to seeing how it is going to be in Mexico. Again, let’s repeat it, if Uber succeed, then Mexico will be welcoming thousands of startups or investors to its ecosystem.

We will be keep you up to date with any news on Uber Mexico. We are going to see together, how it goes.

Said Murat
Computer Engineer

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