Homade raised fund from Infocom Coporation, Fenox Venture Capital and Ideosource

Homade, a startup provides on-demand catering service, today announced a new round investment of financing from Indonesia-based Venture Capital Ideosource and GnB Accelerator, a collaborative program between Japanese IT company Infocom Corporation and Fenox Venture Capital from Silicon Valley. Homade managed to raise up to USD 50 thousand from Fenox and USD 35 thousand from Ideosource in this pre-seeding round. Homade plans to invest intensively to expand its operations capacity to cater growing customer demand.

Founded in late 2017, Homade treats food as a commodity which reflected on its business strategy: stripping down all the food business gimmicks and focus on three main values Quality, Affordability and Convenience thus enable Homade to deliver quality food at reasonable price straight to customer

Homade, who won Indonesia’s Get in The Ring competition 2018 and were the third winner of Startup Istanbul competition 2017, employs decentralized kitchen by utilizing ready-to-cook material and food assembly points as central hub to increase efficiency, reduce delivery time, while maintaining quality and food safety.
On top of that, this model allows Homade to empower homemaker as their key-chef partners and give them access to earn additional income to support the family. This homechefs are compensated by performance-based commission with the average of IDR 2 to 5 million per month.
Catering-as-a-Service (CaaS)

During Homade six month of operations, the company delivered more than 30,000 orders and managed to maintain 20% month-to-month growth. Homade’s key strategy is to focus on B2B market segment, targeting startup and medium sized companies, by providing Catering-as-a Service as tailored solution for client’s specific catering requirement. The investment obtained will be disbursed mainly to fund market expansion, reaching new B2B customer while strengthen operational capability and capacity.

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