This is How Successful Investors Do Content Marketing

This article is written by Brian Malika, a Contributor Author at Startup Istanbul.

The simplest definition of content marketing is simply to get content out there through creative online media forms. Most entrepreneurs have not grasped content marketing well. Some have mistaken content marketing for S.E.O (Search Engine Optimization ) which is not.

Search Engine Optimization involves prioritizing your online content to appear at the top of the list by visiting readers online. Content marketing is the process of getting your products to the target audience and such requires creative approaches that ensure your message is heard in the simplest possible way to affect success.

Let’s be clear, the consumers that you target with your products are always stubborn most of the time. Content marketing is not a magic approach that promises instant results.No, you have to work for that success.
Of course, targeted consumers will listen to what you present out there through content marketing approaches in large views based on the storyline.

But a number of views for your online marketing content should never be mistaken to translate into sales. The target customers will just enjoy viewing what you are presenting and once its over they go back to their business.

How to master the skill of content marketing
When thinking to start your content marketing campaign, it is important that you develop the habit of seeing the end way before you begin.
Know what you want to accomplish at the end and let that be manifest in every action taken to develop the content marketing campaign.
I will introduce you to two content marketing hacks, they include :
(1.) Strategy
(2.) Technique

(1.) Strategy

The thinking behind your marketing is what we call strategy. Like why do you want to get your products out there through content marketing?
Once you get your answer to the above question then your justified to take your product out there through content marketing.Strategic thinking during content marketing ensures that you have valid reasons that can be backed up with research findings from the market that indeed your products are needed and hence the public should know about them.
Never at any given time start the content marketing campaign process without clear reasons on why your product should be out there in the first place.
Develop the habit of making deliberate moves while doing content marketing and you will end up with a very successful market reception.
Since you now know why your product should be presented out there next topic below explains how to engage with the public.

(2.) Technique
After knowing on why your product should be presented to target customer through content marketing you now need to have the tactics to package your products in convincing words, settings, decorations and characters (among others).
So, make sure that the tactics you use to communicate your products out there are well relevant to there situation of the intended primary user. This whole process is called the technique.

Understanding Your Target customer During Content Marketing
During your content marketing journey, you should be aware that your core purpose is to get the targeted customer to make the act of buying the products and services being promoted. Therefore, it’s important that you master the art of emotional intelligence, which is to simply know what your target customer feels with changing times and the environment in mind. To help you do this I have prepared the filling points below.

Points on understanding the target customer

▪ You must be able to see yourself as the customer and as such imagine how
the customer will perceive your content marketing campaign. Will it be relevant to their needs? The answer here must be a yes always.

▪ Always keep in mind that all customers are different from each other and as
such you must cater for diversity inclusion in your content marketing campaign. Don’tassume that the different customers will get a clue or fit in the message being portrayed.

▪ Keep in mind that no matter how engaging your content marketing is, if it
doesn’t capture the day to day scenarios affecting your target audience then it will not meet the end goal which is to boost sales. Don’t launch a content marketing campaign that is shot in London for a target market that is in Nairobi.It may never work.

▪ Do not and you should not come up with a content marketing that you copied
from your competitor. That will be promoting your competitor’s work because when the consumers see your copy edited content marketing campaign they will always be reminded of your competitor who came up with the initial marketing idea. Common, be creative by studying the needs of your consumers.

▪ Forget about your product during the creation of your content marketing and
concentrate on the target customer experience while using your product. It’s not about your product actually, it is all about the experience for your target customer enjoying your product or service.

If you carefully follow this advice by prioritizing your customer before your product or services during the content marketing creation, then I can assure you that you will not only get the attention of your target customers but also increase sale.
Make the habit of prioritizing on bettering the customer experience a deliberate skill for yourself as a continent marketer.

Winding up
If you go online and visit multiple sites, you will notice so many content marketing
advertisements. They are at every corner of the screen . Its the new thing to reach to the targeted consumers who spend most of their time online .
But if you observe these content marketing advertisements you will notice something in particular. And that is , almost all of them are concentrating on the product . The customer experience is hardly touched .
Be sure to always prioritize the customer journey while developing your content marketing script.
Trust me , you will report better results than others who give all the attention to the productsand services.
Consumers are now used to seeing products and services every day through the content marketing campaigns. Very few content marketers out there are concerned with the experience of the target customer and you can be among those few who get better results.
Cheers to a fruitful customer experience content based marketing from now on.

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