Emre Guzer

Adapting To Technology’s Revolution As A Startup

This article is written by Clinton James, a Contributor Author at Startup Turkey.

Emre Guzer is thee Head of Global Product Strategy at PayU, he was at Startup Turkey 2016 where he had fireside chat with Roger Crowdery, he expressed his thoughts on what businesses need in the current tech revolution.

Emre Guzer’s approach to starting his business is to develop an emerging market ecosystem from scratch. He believes that the use of ecosystems from the bottom up by building value-added services is very important for customers.

Born in Istanbul, at the beginning of his career in 2001 at Pamukbank, he was able to see how the financial technology market had developed from the past until now. His work background and experience creates a decent guide of how this growth may come in handy as he met with Electronic Commerce at Garanti Bankası in 2004 and then took over the B2B and CRM infrastructure platform business and improved customer relations with Hedef Alliance Holdings.

After joining Teknoloji Holding in 2007, he was involved in the business process of developing a single price comparison project, which included the purchasing function. Meanwhile, he has been actively involved in the “Secure Database Integration in E-Commerce” project, which is supported by Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey, and Technology Development Foundation of Turkey. Within the framework of the Garanti payment system, Güzer played an active role in the creation of various payment and audit systems used in Turkey as director of e-commerce products.

At present, it is important for businesses to adapt to new highly mobile and web-friendly business opportunities to stay up-to-date on the market. Embodying that price may be ridiculous, offering new services that enrich the market makes the company more competitive. Being the best is a better competition.

Business needs strategic partners more than money,because money can be found everywhere, but no strategic partner can save money. This means that the company can develop and still have the necessary skills from a reliable partner. Beginners need to focus on their business and realize that people change in this new generation.

Not always technology, the main engine is the user. Technology is only a tool designed by the user. Beginners need to set their target market and focus more on them. Emre alleged networking as an important element for startups. For him, networking with business is important because you start working and studying together, spending money on other people, experiencing a lack of money, but in the end, when you finally come out, you will have learned something that can be useful for your own business. In short, it’s important to be the best, not necessarily the biggest. If you do business, it is good to have a problem that you are solving rather than a solution where you are looking for a client.

His articles are published in various academic sources that focus on the online world, and they provide training that focuses on factors that cannot change from electronic commerce in various institutions, including the Interbank card centers. Since 2011, Emre Güzer has been appointed as CEO of PayU Turkey and improved his English skills as an asset he finds resourceful to his global contribution in business as he hashed out in Startup Istanbul’s event.

─ April 25, 2019