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This article is written by Mohammad Eslim, a Contributor Author at Startup Istanbul.

Christopher M. Schroeder is an Americanentrepreneur, advisor and investor in interactive technologies and social communications. He has written the first look at startups in the Arab World, the best-selling “Startup Rising — The Entrepreneurial Revolution Remaking the Middle East” released in August 2013 with a new edition in 2015 and one in Arabic in 2016. It was published by MacMillan/Palgrave, with a foreword by Marc Andreessen.

Take a look at the human race on the line of time and do tell me what difference do you see? 

Fifteen years ago a cellphone was considered a huge, miraculous invention of communication and electronic technology. And as we look over these inventions and technological developments since the last century we can see that this one of kind development is actually exponential. Not many years later there is the smartphone, which can actually do all what NASA could in the seventies. Amazingly frightening, isn’t it? 

In these years the life became much easier, as of now we have the macro data and we are feeding more people and killing less, on top of that we can live longer and we can see a lot of middle classes rising every now and then at a quick pace, also there is this huge impact technology did which is making life all about aggregate numbers. All of these changes happened because of the evolvement of the tools we as humans use in our life aspects. 

Life is not fun or well-lived if you didn’t face any challenges, and while the technology grew and scaled, so did our tools. Right this moment everyone has a tool in his pocket, you use GPS if you are venturing in new places and regions, you book places and even flights online with a simple software app, you order whatever you want from around the world or ship it online and the payment can be done by implementing the blockchain technology. We have more tools to go with the worlds challenges, old ones or new. 

Having these tools in people’s hands opens up a lot of doors of what people can actually do whether to solve problems or face challenges. People can do a lot by using these tools, and on the account of this we can basically say that the new generation is not only demanding a direct role in their economic, political, cultural and societal choices but also have the capabilities to implement them.  

This, in fact, means having universal access to the world around us, the world is literally becoming a small place due to how the technologies around the world took a gigantic leap to become more of a data-driven business tool where a lot can have access to this data from around the world. It means that we have all of the human knowledge at out very fingertips basically for free. It means that there is an unprecedented sharing of our ideas and collaborations, this creates a sense of empowerment within us when we see people just like us take actions. 

All of this reduces the fear we feel towards centralized authorities and it awakens and strengthens our abilities to solve our problems, or just have the people who have the greatest stakes in solving these problems to solve them. 

Another upside of having these tools such as smartphones is that any person around the world can enroll or partake in programs, free or not, and take courses from universities. They also can learn about almost everything by simply reading blogs, or have the best practice by some course or some videos on YouTube and it actually can work.

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