How to Scale Your Business

This article is written by Mohammad Eslim, a Contributor Author at Startup Istanbul.

Richard McGuinness is the Regional Vice President of Sales for Salesforce across Turkey, Med and Africa. Prior to joining Salesforce, Richard was involved in hyper-growth companies across Europe and Asia. He has a passion for keeping customers at the center of every business decision, and enjoys helping companies grow by serving their customers at scale.

When a company decides to get help on how to scale the business, Salesforce then is able to give the companies a percentage of %41 more leads in the first year they start work with us. Salesforce spends a lot of time looking into the company’s success. Salesforce is a subscription company so if the company does not succeed then they won’t renew with Salesforce; because it is very important for the salesforce to give the companies they are working with what is required from them and what the companies expect.

In fact, salesforce deals with a third-part company that research through 5000 of new customers for salesforce and asks them for feedback, or whether salesforce has exceeded their expectations, and what is the net impact of working with salesforce across certain period of time.

The second important thing is that those who are new in their own journey in the business world are passionate about what they do as they know how to sell their business, but as the company scales they have to make sure they have got a winning, repeatable sales process because this process will be a message in the hand of the sales team you are going to hire. In case this team is not following the repeatable yet optimized process then you have carelessly handed the most vital process of finding, winning and keeping customers to the hands of those who don’t understand the importance of the why the customers should buy from you!

The other point here is to understand your sales pipeline and the ability to forecast. Capital investors and VC funds often come to Salesforce from around the globe to ask for help with the companies they acquire, the companies they are onboard with, in order to get a lens to be able to see what is going to happen for business next. And companies that use salesforce go to the VC teams to demonstrate what the pipeline of their business they are working on, what is the forecast that they have got, how are they able to continue to grow in the next month or year and beyond.

On a quick note, you should know that scaling is about making lines in the business not just points. Rather than giving data about today it is about how this data is tracked over the past months and how you are going to project it over the next 12 months. This is the importance of having a forecast, on this note there are %29 increase of the numbers of deals companies close on Salesforce platform.

Another extremely important thing is keeping your customers. As we can see, customers are what keeps you up in the business so if you found your customers are at the bottom of your business then you probably lost every marketing dollar you have spent. You have to continue the one-to-one relationship and keep the customer’s trust for your business to continue running strong.

Salesforce platform connects all the methods of finding, winning and keeping of customers to make sure you have this single view of a customer, so when it comes to serve the customers you would understand them. Doing that means you start being proactive, and more importantly, predictive as magic happens when you as a company can predict where the customer is going to be next because you as a company will be ahead of your customers and you will bring them forward and help them grow and then you will naturally grow too!

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