Sam Mallikarjunan

Some Companies Just Need To Focus On Customer Experiences More

This article is written by Brian Malika, a Contributor Author at Startup Istanbul.

Sam Mallikarjunan is the former head of growth at HubSpot Labs, he led the company’s marketing expansion into Latin America, and oversaw the team that built a new market in e-commerce for the world’s #1 sales and marketing platform. The author of the book How To Sell Better Than Amazon, Sam is an adviser and consultant to companies all over the world. He currently leads, HubSpot’s new executive strategy publication. He was present at Startup Istanbul 2016 where he gave insight on customer experience.

Many innovators have geared their approach to solving customer problems towards complexity, which is not needed in most cases. What should matter at the top of every innovator’s mind is the ability to be smart and real to tough customer problems.
Applying the six points below, any innovator will gain a better understanding of how to point out customer satisfaction whenever necessary.

6 Techniques To Better Improve Customer Experience

In order to better improve the innovative technology for your enterprise, it is important that the aspirations of the customers you target get reflected in the whole process. The following six techniques give a clue on how an innovator can best innovate technologies that consider the customers’ view.

(1.) Hire your frequent customers’ during in the idealization process:

Whenever you are in the process of innovating a new idea to improve your products, it is advised that you hire the services of your most noticeable frequent customers. This means that you need to always initiate a relationship with all your customers out of which you can select the most frequent ones and inquire which part of your services or goods needs to
change or be improved. After which you can accommodate their opinions during the process of idealizing on a new concept for your business. The feedback of a real customer is more effective since they are the ones your business is serving.

(2.) Categorize your customers :

Make sure you understand your target customers entirely. You might have a customer that buys however they do not consume. For instance, a parent buys your toys but their kids play with the toys. In this case, you must ensure that you cause an appetite through your innovation process for the consuming customer to influence the decision of the buying customer to come for your goods or services.

(3.)Focus on the ever-changing needs of your target customers :

Always keep in mind that you will never win the market in your field of interest by concentrating on innovations for winning more customers through sales and promotions. Such a strategy just never works. The most sustainable way to win the market your operating in is by coming up paying deep attention on a regular basis to the ever-changing aspirations for your target customers and then incorporating the same in your business.

(4.) Use someone ’s intellectual property rights to make your customers satisfied:

If you are an established company, the best way to survive the wave of innovation and at the same time keeping your longterm customer base is by investing in upcoming start-ups. Invest in start-up ideas that resonate with your business. Thereafter, form partnerships with the same start-ups who you have invested in. By doing so, you prove to your target customers that your company is stable and reliable even in the changing times.

(5.)Nurture a culture of innovation

Within your company, initiate the thought that perceives innovation as a process and not an action that responds to market volatility. Let all your team members and workers be able to provide feedback on ho processes, goods and service can be made better .the culture of excellence if well mastered will always keep your pack ahead of the game especially in
serving customers.

(6.) lastly, always ask team or even yourself this question:

If I didn’t have this innovation, will customers still pay? If the answer is that customers would still pay even with such innovation in place, then you need to go back to the drawing boards and innovate more. Customers should normally refuse to pay if they don’t see your innovation in place.

Today, I would like to insist that many are the times that innovators concentrate on beating competition when they are in the idealization process and as a result, forget the most important attribute of innovation which is to always come up with ideas that satisfy the customers ever-changing needs.

─ April 3, 2019