5 Reasons Why Turkish People Should become Entrepreneurs

This article is written by Amira Ibrahim, a Contributor Author at Startup Istanbul.

Erhan Erkut is a professor and Ph.D. holder, he received nine teaching awards, including the INFORMS Teaching of Management Science Practice Award. After returning to Turkey in 2005, he served as Dean of the Business School at Bilkent University (2005-07), Currently, he serves on the boards of three local education associations and works actively to promote skills development for youth and entrepreneurship. Dr. Erhan gave the opening speech in startup Istanbul 2014.

1.Istanbul is destined: 

Istanbul now has great startup events like Startup Turkey and Startup Istanbul, Istanbul is full of great youth that look around to make great businesses, also Istanbul is a great place that connects two continents

2.To be an entrepreneur is in your DNA: 

Everybody was an entrepreneur once before the industrial revolution we were all once owning our own business before we turned to be in the labor market, so business in our DNA. 
the will to create is in your DNA 

3.Change the world: 

The best reason to start a new organization is to make meaning- to create a product or service that makes the world a better place. – Guy Kawaski 

Doing something on one has done before or improving what was done before is a great way to change the world. Adopt a good solution to new environment (it’s ok to copy as an entrepreneur) 

4.Autonomy matters: 

“we are born to be players, not pawns. We are meant to be autonomous individuals not individual automatons” – Daniel Pink 

5.The 4 T’s of Autonomy: 

  • Task (what are you going to do?)
  • Time (when are you going to do?)
  • Technique (how are you going to do it?)
  • Team (with whom are you going to do it?)

Many of the people graduate and work in a job from 9 to 5 every day and that is a great option only for robots, so I suggest that if you are an entrepreneur you will work from 7 till 4 am, and you work 7 days a week and you also don’t take a break 

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