Amy Tez

A Powerful Pitch

This article is written by Milambo Kabeleka, a Contributor Author at Startup Istanbul.

Amy Tez is an actress turned Performance Coach who uses her unique blend of acting and transformational experience to change the way you communicate your business forever. She will share her insights into creating a Winner’s Pitch so that no matter who you are talking to, you will own the “stage”.

Entrepreneurs often find themselves in the presence of investors, and in most cases a pitch for funding or mentorship is expected from the entrepreneur. It is in times like these that founders are expected to show their knowledge of the business.

As important as the idea being delivered is the way in which the message is relayed. This is what Amy Tez’s talk at the Startup Istanbul was about. Giving a powerful speech and the three important elements of giving an impactful speech.

Structure:  a good pitch needs to have a well thought out layout. A pitch deck may prove to be very helpful in creating a layout for your presentation.

 Start with the most compelling feature; The Problem. Come in with a bang and grab the audience’s attention.  Show how you intend to solve the problem with a solution. It is at this stage that you can wow your audience with your unique idea and plan to execute it. Top it off with your financial projections and your accomplishments so far, to show your traction.

Simplicity: most people have a tendency to over explain.  We all tend to talk too much in an attempt to get other people to see our vision. Think of your key points and say that in the simplest way possible. Don’t lose the audience with a lot of complicated processes and budget projections. The main purpose of the pitch is to showcase the business and show the investors why investing in you is a good idea, so keeping the pitch simple to understand helps.

Many entrepreneurs think that sounding complicated makes them look knowledgeable, but this couldn’t be more wrong. When in a very technical domain, you need to resist the urge to use technical jargon.  The aim is to make sure everyone understands you, so keep it simple.

Simplicity also means, keeping it short, sweet and memorable. A long pitch has a risk of losing your audience’s attention.

Personal impact: The impact you make while you give your speech has the power to make or break the pitch. How you deliver the message carries most of this weight.

Breath– it’s the most important part of your communication skills.  It is ok to be nervous, but if the breathing is not controlled, you will come across as anxious and not confident about your business. If you are one of those people that easily go off a tangent when explaining something, just stop, breath and reconnect get back to your pitch.

Posture– when pitching, it is important to stand tall to signal confidence and leadership.

Voice– use a clear and well-projected tone when speaking, sounding the words clearly.

Eye contact-make eye contact with the audience and engage them from the beginning.

Facial expression-try to relax your face when talking. It helps to view the investor /audience as your friend. See things as an opportunity and not an adversarial position. When you rela, it will show on your face and that will make your audience will relax too.

That’s all! Making sure your pitch follows these three elements means half the work is done. Remember to drop the robotic, traditional way of pitching. Be yourself, do everything with purpose and conviction. Connect with your audience of Investors and let your personality and passion shine through.

─ May 12, 2019