Anticipatory Computing

This article is written by Brian Malika, a Contributor Author at Etohum.

So, you have identified a certain geographical region which you want to introduce your new product or service. And with the technology of Anticipatory computing in place whereby you can easily track customer preferences, reviews and desired tastes based on their recent online activities you are now set to make informed investment decisions. To ensure you understand exactly what customer information can be harvested from anticipatory computing technology, I will take you through a discourse journey.

A journey that will open your eyes as an investor to see the possibilities of the digital revolution by making a business practice to be easy, affordable and faster. Am confident that today’s article will be of particular interest to any investor that embrace new technology in understanding the ever-changing customer behavior.

Without further due, let’s dig into our first paragraph that explains eight types of information that an investor can harvest from anticipatory computing. Great. Please scroll down.

8 types of customer Information that can be harvested from anticipatory computing

Just before I start unleashing the 9 possibilities that come with understanding your target customer better through anticipatory computing, I would like to bring to your attention that its possible to enhance personalized products and services for your targeted customers when you use anticipatory computing. This is to imply that, you can be able to craft services and products to match the names, travel destinations, a favorite meal or whatever your target customer prefers at the individual level.  Anticipatory computing actually gives you the chance to know the little details that matter for each and every target customers you have in mind.

That being said the  information that you can get from anticipatory computing for your target customer is  as follows :

(1.). Investors are able to track venues and places that are most preferred and at what time of the day and night within your target market. Such a revelation is important to help advertising companies decide which parts of the targeted geographical areas should have relevant advertising content and at what time of the day. This type of information cuts down advertising costs by ensuring that companies only pay for advertising towards the target customers at the right time.

(2.) The tracking of the most popular services and products using anticipatory computing helps investors to predict the right type of investment that suits a particular region. And also, innovate methods of countering their popular competitors within the targeted region.

(3.) Anticipatory computing is strategic to help investors track online activities for friends and close people for their target customers. This information helps in crafting products and services that embrace a social aspect that connects to the target customer.

(4.) It is more likely to offer travel advice for your target customer when you use anticipatory computing because you interact with them on a one on one basis by recommending them tips on the exciting places that they visit for the first time based on their online preferences. Such anticipatory computing is more useful than guidebooks or travel newspapers.

(5.) As an investor, you  can be able to come up with products and services that embrace the social aspect of your target customers by being able to get the online data of the close people around your target customer . This information will help investors to make their targets customers extend the warmth of social networks to the goods and services they consume .

(6.) Smart anticipatory computing updates investors with the trending news within the targeted geographic regions. This information keeps investors at a pace to align their products and services with the trending news.

(7.) As an investor, you can track the part life of your target customers and use such information to organize events and social life parties that resonate with the geographical region that an investor wishes to penetrate through.

(8.) Finally, if you settle on anticipatory computing then you’re able to receive product and service reviews from your targeted customers and as such be able to continually update your product and service qualities to meet the needs of the ever-changing customer tastes and preferences.

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