Turkey’s Bright Potential for Businesses

This article is written by Clinton James, a Contributor Author at Startup Istanbul.

Ali Sabanci is the chairman of Pegasus Airlines, one of the best cheap airlines in Turkey. Chairman of the Young Entrepreneurs Council and is the founder of the Angel Group in Turkey, an active angel investor for entrepreneurs. Currently, he is also the Chairman of Desas (commercial vehicle rental) and Esaslı Gıda (grocery store) and board members from several other group companies.

It is estimated that Asli and Burak of Startup Istanbul, having met years ago, with only 20 people in the community and now with 5,000 people, half of them are foreigners.

The special thing about Turkey is that it has fully succeeded in recovering from the previous coup and attained democracy. Therefore, it is important to recognize the growth of more than 100 investors, three-quarters being foreign investors.

Sabanci went to Copenhagen to discuss what had happened ten years ago in Turkey. Having founded a successful airline, then a food company, and received two-thirds of his money in US currency. Invested in the retail film business chain and doubled their money to Korean company. He told them about their interest men’s and should be going to Turkey if they wanted to experience the same thing.

Not only is there democracy, but after July 15’s coup, many businesses have developed. During that season, the network was to learn and build a businesses. Entrepreneurship was not initially that high, but it is realized, creating a bubble, determine its value and then selling it is the best way to prosper.

Today, some young people turn to him with numerous ideas. Well, many people have ideas and if someone can grow, anyone else can. In both cases we have the same government. The problem is new governments want the same thing as the previous one.

Other benefits include reduced income taxes, TEB banks that help finance, and company availablity that do business. Even traditional companies want to connect with these startups and entrepreneurs, their names are labeled with them to create added value. This happens not only in the US, but also in other places such as Silicon Valley.

Regardless of political challenges, instability, social environment, etc., every place can ideally develop.

The entrepreneurial system should never stop developing. There has never been a short way to make money, that is, a previous culture such as “You make it and keep quiet,” changed to “Do and share with others how you do it.”

Imagine yourself as an investor. It’s fun to keep an eye on the finances you use, to achieve mutual growth and happiness. They can always reach high interest rates in banks, so psychologically is more open to entrepreneurship.

Look at the definition of entrepreneurship, it refers to influence and improvement. If you can influence your improvement habits, people consume and are not forced to purchase. You can only influence that by increasing the benefits they get from the business and what they do. This way you will get money afterwards.

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