Hans Wissema

Entrepreneurial Works

This article is written by Clinton James, a Contributor Author at Startup Istanbul.

The future dwells on entrepreneurship, and many countries, including Turkey, are changing the idea of an economic model of hiring foreign business knowledge who are felicitous to do what you tell them, said Professor Hans Wissema, author of Towards Third Generation University. The pattern will change, despite the current trend, when the entrepreneurial aspect becomes mainstream.

First of all, there are a few people who are happy, and the growth rate as per forecasts testify tremendous. Second, more people want to regulate and be in charge of their own lives. Third, more and more people see the need for something to be done. Fourth, the economy needs to be more flexible and more compromising and, finally, the prompt willingness of the people to do all this.

Most people can increase their size in their place of work, termed as “scaling up” according to Prof. Hans, but most entrepreneurs majority are likely to end up self-employed.

There is a big change in the world of funding now because we have new disciplines, such as Venture Capitalists (VCs), accelerators and investors, who play a key role in opening up financing and mentorship opportunities for entrepreneurs, which can be more analyzable. There is so much knowledge and books about the right funding options.

We have startup organizations and facilities around the world today, this is because of scaling up. The future of innovation is based on this because there is need for entrepreneurs to be equipped with ecology to start this effort themselves. An example of this is when Professor Hans himself built a management company and finally sold it to further improve himself eventually and to scale up to a greater intent. It is very difficult to combine deep science and technology with entrepreneurship throughout the world. This is an important reason for raising awareness, especially at universities.

Another measure that offers many possibilities is artificial intelligence, because somehow the world knows how to get into a global system like IBM Watson. For every entrepreneur, having access to these centers and knowing how to manage them is very important, because in the end, artificial intelligence is the biggest actor that has changed over the next decade. It can replace a lot of employee work and produce many applications for entrepreneurs.

Think about how you can change jobs with applications and grow with artificial intelligence. Whether you can build an application and bring it to market, you are only half way because it’s not easy to submit to applications from all user users at once.

With emphasis on female entrepreneurs, it’s amazing what a difference men and women are. Women have a way of competing that is completely different and has a great advantage as they are known to listen more than men. Professor Hans points out that different ways of training female entrepreneurs are needed for their financial approaches and social attitudes. It is an important role of society in the social phenomena as they join the field of entrepreneurship.

─ June 21, 2019