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This article is written by Clinton James, a Contributor Author at Startup Istanbul.

Hanzade Dogan Boyner, is a leading figure in Turkey’s online and digital world, a pioneer of e-commerce in Turkey, she founded and has led Hepsiburada.com to become the biggest online retailer in the region, she has a robust experience in building businesses and growing startups, she was a guest at Startup Istanbul 2016 and was interviewed in a fireside chat by Christopher Schroeder, who is an American entrepreneur, advisor and investor.
He is the author of the recent bestseller, and the first book on startups in the Arab World, Startup Rising — The Entrepreneurial Revolution Remaking the Middle East

Always start from your customer needs and walk backwards to the product, says Hanzade Dogan Boyner – Chairperson of Dogan Online among other Holdings. In a decision making process, the customer should always come in first. Take customer satisfaction more important than all other areas.

“Finding, recruiting and growing talent is a good opportunity for fulfilment to an individual and a company”, Christopher Schroeder questions about this sustainability at Startup Istanbul.

Talent is an important value to consider. There is significant change on how people recruit nowadays, from resume-selection to character-based. They do everything related to talent attraction and long term incentive plans and have hygiene factors to ensure work runs efficiently. They believe everyone in a company should play as entrepreneurs because they look into developing themselves from emotional and professional factors with a common dream that they can share.

Fundamentals should always be maintained with mode of selection, price and service. But it would be easier if customers get what they want where they want through e-commerce and technology. The personalization shall spin soon to a whole new level, with use of information intelligence combined with technology that allows picture recognition through videos and more. It would also make it easier for entrepreneurs to predict what, where and when you want a product delivered.

The last-mile-delivery as whole new venture is also as important because it is gradually moving from traditional methods of delivery to modern. The dynamics change significantly to meet industrial standards.

There’s also the need for bettering the integration of offline and offline services. We can’t match the customer location to the products in that location at 100%. We expect advancements to happen with a more distribution to an offline and online market.

Hanzade doesn’t see the whole retail turning into dark stores. While thinking of the cost of the going to the store compared to a shorter distance delivery, you have to assess the winning venture.

The technology base has to think of shared economy, in terms of distributing the load and carrier. But how do you control the service level? Dogan Company starts by owning it, building the architecture and further the infrastructure to settle the process.

Engaging with the community and how to help the community rise together, she wishes to encourage people that some companies are there to create a platform that encourages networking. They work on solving complex problems but can’t solve them by themselves because of difficulties in keeping up with such in large organizations but can’t work without innovation. Usually happens with startups and wishes to connect with them to improve efficiency.

As a lady driving empowerment to all, Hanzade believes that the way to global peace can only happen if we have true gender equality. It’s unfortunate that hundreds of millions of girls can’t register to schools globally while there are millions of them getting married below age 15. She is committed in her power to bring social and technological awareness to solve this problem.

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