Hovhannes Avoyan

The Not So Glorified Side Of Startups That You Need To Embrace

This article is written by Brian Malika, a Contributor Author at Startup Istanbul.

Hovhannes Avoyan is a serial entrepreneur, investor and scholar. He is the current CEO and founder of PicsArt, a leading social photo editing startup with more than 400 million users worldwide, backed by Sequoia Capital, Insight Venture Partners, DCM, and Siguler Guff. PicsArt is employing more than 400 people and, headquartered in San Francisco.

Open any business link online, buy a local Daily Newspaper or visit any business gathering like a workshop, summit or conference and you will notice consistent rhetoric being castigated. And that rhetoric highlights the glorious tone of entrepreneurs and how they have managed to rise from nothing to conquer the world around their sphere of influence.

Sometimes back I would visit business meetings and I would get scared by the success stories that were being highlighted. I mean, all speakers that got on stage were showcasing success after success and being in my early stage of entrepreneurship I thought maybe I was in the wrong field.

‘’How could they achieve such in business milestones in a short period of time ?’’ Those are some of the questions that I would ask myself sometime back when I would attend business meetings.

However, if you are out there and still think that big companies and business people that you can think of like: Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Bill Gates among others have continually enjoyed success from the beginning then you are wrong. I

In reality, every successful business that you see being gloried in public platforms like the media and in conferences always have an ugly experience that is never shared.

Some of these business moguls that run multinational companies were once told that their business ideas would never amount to anything.

That being the case, even big companies like Google and Facebook at one point had a hard time convincing investors to financially partner with them.  But you will never get to hear of this failure and hard times that are part of the history of successful enterprises.

Having said that , you need not to be afraid of your failures as a business person or start-up founder for that matter . Learn to embrace every bit of the process towards your business goals.

One effective way to embrace both your failures and successes is to view entrepreneurship as a journey that has highs and lows with a definite destination.

To help you get through failure during your business ventures,  I have prepared the following three points to encourage you whenever things get tough and also to awaken the go-getter spirit where possible.

How To Pass Through Entrepreneurial Failure In Three Ways

(1.)  The first thing that you need to keep in mind is that the act of doing business is to make the business person better and also improve the conditions of life around and in the world. Therefore, even if you start a business and fail still you can learn something from that upset.

Let  changing livelihoods be your business’s goal so that even if you fail in one business you can  still try another one with the same intentions of making people’s lives better.

(2.)Understand that business success can be achieved anywhere, any time , by anyone and in any worthy venture. Therefore, don’t give up at any point because you could be at the closest point of your success than you can imagine.

(3.) Successful entrepreneurial stories that you read and hear about are there to encourage you to succeed and not to put you down. Therefore, whenever you read, listen and meet with predominantly successful business people, always take away the good experiences and lessons as encouragement of how your success will look like.

─ June 6, 2019