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This article is written by Milambo Kabeleka, a Contributor Author at Startup Istanbul.

Amy Tez is an actress turned Performance Coach who uses her unique blend of acting and transformational experience to change the way you communicate your business forever.


Idea, implementation, funding, growth. This is usually the journey of most startup ideas. However, most entrepreneurs get stuck on the funding stage, mostly because of the lack of investors. The key to which is; Pitching.

Pitching is almost always viewed as this daunting task for most startup founders, it is the main thing that could determine whether you get an investor on board or not. It is for this reason that pitching should be done the right way.

Events like Startup Istanbul where pitching is the main event are the best place to watch and learn how to pitch to international audiences.    

Amy Tez an English actress turned Trainer and Lecturer of Communication Skills, gave a talk on how to pitch naturally. Using her experience in acting and behavioral psychology, she has helped a lot of Founders, CEOs, and business executives to communicate and convey their business ideas in a simple and easy to understand manner.

Be yourself

Pitch with presence and authenticity.  To be original.

It is easy to try to be as good as the person before us or try to sound like the people we think sound good.  The idea is to be you, as humans we tend to relax the most when we are ourselves.

Relaxing is a great way to start a pitch, don’t try too hard to impress the investor as this can easily come off as fake. Breath, talk slower, give yourself time to think about what you are about to say.

The saying that say, “Bet on the Jokey, not the Horse holds true especially when it comes to Investors and Entrepreneurs. Investors invest in the person and not the product. This is why when pitching it is important to bring show your qualities and flaws, be original.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes when you pitch. Getting a few lines wrong can just turn out to be the jolt you need to come alive. I also shows that you are not just reciting some memorized lines in a robotic way.

While most coaches would say that your words are only 7 percent of communication and the rest is your body language. Amy disagrees, saying; your words are very important.  You have to think about what you say, be concise and make sure you deliver the intended message. Clearly state what problem you are solving, why you are solving it, what your solution is and why should people care.

Your tone and expressions are also very import.  How you say what you say is just as important as the words themselves. When pitching, introduce some variety and interest. Use a strong voice to make sure you are drawing the audience’s attention.

Entrepreneurs don’t often see how their pitching could be affecting the growth of their companies. Pitching is not only about the  brilliant idea, it is also about connecting with the audience and making sure investors see why you are the right Jokey to bet on. With these tips, you will be well on your way to winning people over in no time.

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