Create Work Within Yourself.

This article is written by Clinton James, a Contributor Author at Startup Turkey.

Murat Ozyegin of Fida Holding A. S. begins with three international news slides chosen while he searched in the last 10 days for clippings or positive screenshots on his phone and his latest newspapers and showed up-to-date information about the banking and economic components “terrible loans” and the power of employers in Europe, because banks are getting worse. Central Bankers act like they don’t know that we will experience terrible changes to wrong behavior and a terrible future for European banks.

The first slide shows that China is a booming machine for the world and has serious tensions with investors and the stock market. The Chinese have a lot of money in the investment market, but they are likely to collapse, and growth are distorted and their long-term support or subsidies in other sectors are almost extinct. Banks with the possibility of deposits are “draconian large debts” as defined and the potential for debt problems to develop.

Another slide shows how displeased we are with a terrible situation like Syria. However, they say that this will definitely happen in the future history of World War III. Russia, Turkey, and the big problems of the European Union with handling refugee prices continue to be a barrier to the right. A bigger place yet still the most extraordinary.

European leaders and Union offices are at risk when asked whether they will stay in the near future or not. The only solution to this truth is among us entrepreneurs. This is a deliberate conflict, because this scenario can only be resolved by creating jobs and economic growth, and ecosystems that allow for new entrepreneurial efforts are the only way out of all this.

Even 90% of jobs created in the last 5 years are created by groups 5 years older or younger. Consider the importance of statistics such as Turkey or the environment where the population is younger than in the United States. Job innovation is the only way to maintain momentum in this region by not only implementing the financial system but also socially. It is ironic that we are looking for work that will not exist in five years.

The last slide, and borrowed from a previous speech at the opening conference held by Burak at Startup Istanbul, claimed that LinkedIn’s top 10 titles were the most popular and published in 2008 as a reference. These resolutions on LinkedIn that simply didn’t exist 7 years in the past and are consequently due to a room or stuff that frankly have brought together entrepreneurs like you who were created as new jobs.

Our entrepreneurs touch on this effort, which are done through assistance, by our international selection team or through our catalyst funds. What they see are angel investors in themselves, and the most important part of investing is not only money, but actually their time and capital intelligence. They have traveled a long way, are ready and willing to help these entrepreneurs, instead of just making money.

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