How Can You Be a Winner at Startup Istanbul?

This article is written by Nardine B. M’barek, a Contributor Author at Startup Istanbul.

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Bill Kenney is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of two ventures. Test My Pitch is a social community of entrepreneurs and business people who share, create, and offer feedback on each other’s pitches and self-introductions. His second business is MEET, it helps high-growth companies enter new markets and scale quickly through trade shows.

Mr. Bill Kenney is an entrepreneur who founded two well-known ventures. He delivered a speech that served as an orientation for the startups who joined our events when it comes to certain things such as how to profit fully from events like Startup Istanbul, and know how to benefit from the people and entrepreneurs who are guests of the event by building different relationships and adding them to your network. 

Each time you attend an event such as Startup Istanbul, even if you have already been to a different edition previously, the experience would still be unique since each year, different guests are there from all over the world. Entrepreneurs, business people, Venture Capitals and Investors with whom you can interact and learn new things. That is why, each time you attend, you need to consider it as if it were your first time and try discovering everything from scratch in order to better benefit from it. 

The first idea that Mr. Kenney talked about was winning which is, as he described it, a funny thing to talk about. When you attend an event like Startup Istanbul, you always wonder how to win and get the first place for the competition. The issue is that there are two realities that we need to confront, how many winners are there going to be? Out of 100 people and companies, there will only be one winner in the end. You are probably telling yourself that it is not fair that 99 people go home unsatisfied after paying for their plane tickets and attending the event.

If we define success as being the fact that you are that one winner out of 100 people, then it is probably not going to be very satisfying to the others. There is the other reality that we need to deal with, which is the fact that only one startup out of 100 get funding. That is not a Startup Istanbul policy, but a global statistic. If your business plan is built around getting fundings and investment then that makes it a 1% chance of actually realizing it. 

In this case, the definition of ‘winning’ varies according to people’s perspective; some think that they will not be called winners if they do not end up being that one selected winner out of 100. However, others believe that just being able to attend the conference as one of those 100 startups is already a win in itself.

By attending Startup Istanbul, you will get exposure to the  entrepreneurship world, added to the fact that you will be able to connect with hundreds of people and investors from all over the world; and who knows, if you are not that one winner who will get investment thanks to the competition, then you might be another winner who had built a relationship with an investor or an Angel who liked your idea enough to offer you investment. It all depends on how your define success and winning, as well as on your mindset.

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