The Entrepreneurial Mindset

This article is written by Munira Hussein, a Contributor Author at Startup Istanbul.

Does the thought of failing make you want to quit? What if you found out that you might not even make as much as money as you thought you would? Only 4% of organizations in the United States make over a million dollars in revenue. It is the normal profit rate if you take away all the money you have to pay back and the taxes. You stand only 4% chance of making an average salary by starting your own business.

Starting a business is by far the hardest thing you’ll ever have to do in your life. It is also the most fulfilling.  You will work more hours than you work a job. There is only one answer to why you want to be an entrepreneur. It is to add value and create change. In the past, changers were the politicians and activists such as Nelson Mandela, Malcolm X, Winston Churchill and Mother Theresa among others. Now it is the business leaders of the world like the Bill Gates Foundation, Warren Buffet and Mark Zuckerberg.

When you lead with your heart and soul, you become a soul centered leader. Our world needs more people guided by their inner voice and their higher power. That is when beauty comes. The world needs a lot of people to stand up.

Psychology of overcoming procrastination, fear and resistance

What comes to your mind when you think about procrastination, fear and resistance? The book that you wanted to write, the phone call that you wanted to make, the pitch you have been postponing.  

Fear of rejection prevents you from taking chances. It is a scary situation to walk up to someone and have them say “I don’t really like you” but how often does that happen? If it did, how would that affect you? Realize that not everyone will like you. Even more important is to realize that you do not need everyone to like you. Be okay with rejection. The things you say or don’t say, the things you don’t do or do so as not to piss people off. It takes authenticity away from you and puts you in a situation where you are not comfortable with yourself. That automatically makes people uncomfortable around you.

Do not take the easy test because you are afraid of losing. When you start something new, consider it an experiment. The next time you have a pitch or have to make a call to a prospect, or take a product out, consider it an experiment. It takes the pressure of being perfect off your mind. Try. Fail. Lose. Try again.

You are here to create. Everything that you have been through up until now has been preparing you, giving you courage and strength to continue. Don’t judge it. It is what develops character, strength and resilience.  The universe has prepared you for what you are going to do next. Go out there and change the world. Bring out the hero within you.

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