Believe in your Beginning

This article is written by Clinton James, a Contributor Author at Startup Turkey.

Elmira Bayrasli wrote a book called “From the other side of the world.” It is a research work about extraordinary entrepreneurs from unlikely places. Some of the places covered by this were Turkey which was among the first places, Nigeria, Pakistan, Mexico, India, and China among other two dozen countries.

Elmira Bayrasli wrote a book called “On the Other Side of the World.” This is a study for extraordinary entrepreneurs from amazing places, and while in an event organized by Startup Turkey adds that some places covered are Turkey, precedence, Nigeria, Pakistan, Mexico, India and China among the other two dozen countries.

The narrations aspire the entrepreneurs who are struggling with problems such as corruption, management mistakes, lack of skilled talent, and other challenges. One of the rewards she constantly received from all the countries surveyed was about “CONFIDENTIALITY”. This became a goal to her and gave her a need to understand what this was all about. To ask ‘why’, is to achieve a goal, and that ‘goal’ is not an excuse to make money. She continued by citing examples of people who did not have a normal mindset and showed a genius personality in reference to Steve Jobs.

Epically, a businessman in management consultancy, Mr. Shaffi Mather, who worked for top management companies, having been trained in the US and UK, heard that India was an Asian tiger, and wondered if it was true, until it came one day when his mother choked, and did not fully understand Hemlock’s maneuver. He picked up the telephone to call for an ambulance, but no one took it. Then he decided to take his own initiative.

Meeting with all government officials in New Delhi who did not help much with the intent he had. Shaffi planned to take action and start a full ambulance business services in conjunction with his acquaintances in the financial sector with null about the health sector. Therefore he spent time with an ambulance, which was prepared for equipment among other objects, and arranged an ambulance. After three years since his mother’s incident, he needed to have a telephone number to request emergency assistance. He spent three months to find the telephone number and had to spend at meetings with the communications department at the headquarters of New Delhi. Government officials have asked for bribes to him to get a number he liked. He was not surprised by this action, but he was surprised that they had not seen the futuristic impact.

Shaffi realized that the problem was not that Indians could not run a functioning ambulance, but because Indians could not complete the process of implementing the idea without anyone in the government asking for “Chaipani”. He refused to give a bribe, and agreed to the given number which was not memorable or repetitive. He decided that he would come out and not talk about the ambulance service, but about the system of government corruption. The aftermath now carries the number, has grown and served all of India, franchises in Dubai and Singapore.

Once you come across a startup, it’s not about the best technology, the smartest mind in the room, or the best speaker. Elmira added that what distinguishes Silicon Valley is that everyone asks, WHY and how they can add value.

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