Kaushal Chokshi

Business Success Backgrounds

This article is written by Clinton James, a Contributor Author at Startup Istanbul.

Kaushal Chokshi spoke at Startup Istanbul as Founder and President of the Scaale Group of Companies and Cross-border Angels where they have about 150 investors worldwide. They have 150 investors worldwide and what they do is spread out as industrial but also look at the global deal flow. They do about $1 million to $10 million in the series rounds and is exciting to democratize and flatten the world of the global investment.

His first project was in one year of college with four founders. They decided to start a company that could exit after graduating, this is to mean “sell the company” by giving 12 times more than the input.

The second company to be established is a manufacturing company founded with two founders and eight investors. After four years, they can bring the company to the public and decide to grow 10 times.

India likes and understands that Turkey is a diving culture in history. It contains about 19 basic languages ​​in different scripts, which made Kaushal disappointed, because at that time more than 60% of the budget was focused on the government.

He just read a book, The American Dream, and a study where they wondered what it actually meant, emphasized that it was about freedom, passion and potential. So, you get amazing results from the freedom to work on your passion to reach your potential!

He felt strangled in India with limited freedom. He felt he had a chance of having a very successful career and moved to UK, England. He was humbled when he didn’t know it wasn’t an Indian rupee while he stamped out a kilogram, and that was his first failure.

The majority believed that this was a fantastic learning curve for him and he suddenly opted to moving to the United States, entering the manufacturing industry, entering a number of joint ventures in Germany, manufacturing in Sharjah, and continuing business in India.

Kaushal had established seven very successful corporate businesses, but when in Chicago, he realized that he got money with information where one country wanted enough information about the other country and could use it to his advantage, termed as arbitration of information.

He sold all the companies he owned between 2000 and 2005, and founded the Scaale group of companies mainly because it was more than just technology. He realized that technology was running very fast and opted to stay focused on the new business in technology.

From his lessons, he first decided to become an entrepreneur. Second, he had errors and failed fast enough to deal with them. Third, he considered this money as king when he understood that most startup companies did not have money or traction. And fourth, your friends may not be the best with whom you can share your ideas.

The separation challenge is the ability for companies that apply a global context to take advantage of what each market offers for innovation, sales, attractiveness, access to capital, talent, and ultimately exit.

─ September 11, 2019